Announcing Two New Feature Sets in Dryrun

First, brand new features in Dryrun, tailor-made for collaboration.

Second, we've given everyone some long overdue feature upgrades. 

NEW Advanced Collaboration:

Built to make it easy and cost effective for accountants to work with clients and for colleagues for work together, the new Advanced Collaboration plan in Dryrun is a perfect fit.

The new Dashboard in Dryrun will keep member forecasts separate, confidential and easy to track. Create forecasts for yourself, for your members, or have them create their own and easily maintain control over who can access.

Finally, you can integrate with multiple companies in your Dryrun account at one time! Connect multiple Xero, QuickBooks Online and Pipedrive accounts to your Dryrun account and use them in whichever forecasts and scenarios you require.

Schedule your demo today for a first-hand look at the new Advanced Collaboration features.

NEW Power for Everyone!

Both 'My Forecasts' for single users and the new 'Dashboard' for our Advanced Collaboration User have powerful new features in their account.

Track your forecasts and shared forecasts on a single, clear screen.

Sort them by Name, Created or Last Access dates. Even toggle between username or company to suit your needs.

The new forecast 'Details' will not only tell you when a forecast was created and last accessed but who created it, what integrations are used in the forecast and when it was last updated.
Forecast Details
You'll also be able to Duplicate, Share, Archive and Delete forecasts from the new Details view.

Take a look at the new features >>

Above is just a summary of the new features we've added! We've also made some great refinements and performance improvements under the hood and have many more terrific features on the way.

Dryrun has a very ambitious path mapped out as we pursue our goal of offering the absolute best, industry-leading forecast tool for small business and their collaborators.

Please continue to send us your ideas and feedback through email or in-app messaging. It energizes our team, gives us concrete guidance and powers our direction!

Dryrun can help you take control of your cash flow, understand your business and plan for growth.
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